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On a new island, in a new reef

2 March 2022, Suheli

On a new island, in a new reef.

We descended in search of something we heard about from our fishermen friends.

The reef gradually extended into deeper waters making way for what looked like an endless sand flat at 50 metres and beyond. My dive computer read a depth I hadn’t dived before. Yet, I wasn’t nervous. Quite the contrary, I felt safe. I hadn’t felt that in a long time in deep waters. Maybe it was what the sea sometimes does to you, maybe it was my dive buddy @umeed.mistry who watched me from a distance as I stared at the deep blue or maybe it was the silence that I longed for. Two sharks rested on the sandy bottom while the third swam around in circles. Sharks were common a decade ago when I first dived here. Now seeing one was a celebration of sorts. I stayed there for a while watching the sand, the endless sea, wondering about all the life below me I will probably never see.

Minutes later, everything got blurry. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I don’t know why, that warmth was comforting. I looked down and continued swimming, tears still rolling down my face. I remembered moments in life I wanted to relive , wished some beings were still around and I could just hug them one last time. The sea is magical , for it heals in times you least expect it to.

That night we slept on the boat, anchored in the lagoon, pitch dark watching countless stars that shone brighter on a new moon night. The boat rocked as the tide rose, it felt like a child in a cradle wrapped in a blanket of galaxy. I had a beautiful dream.

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