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Filming elephants

If there's one thing I truly enjoy (second to diving in the sea) is watching elephants. Even more when there are calves and a bunch of young bullies in the herd, trying to show off their power.


Watching them reminds me of some of my own childhood moments. My mum breaking off a fight between us siblings, she being over protective for straying far from home, me being the lazy child who never wanted to wake up to go to school despite several nudges from her.


Here I am watching all this, just that it's another mother and another child. Feeling all the things I feel. Happy, sad, angry, afraid, insecure. I wonder what they feel when they watch me. They seem calm today which makes me happy that I am causing no discomfort. Filming can be taxing if you are sensitive and spend half the time making sure you aren't disturbing the animal. It's a battle I have with my myself each time I'm out on field.


Back to elephants, we are so much like them except that I think we haven't much empathy left in us unlike them who look out for each other. We've grown to be all about us and forgetting that without them, the wild ones and the wild places, we probably won't survive long. Maybe we'll learn the hard way

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